Music and Dance

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Music and Dance

BPEC has 20 years of experience in the field of educating young minds and we are now launching Music and Dance classes following the Trinity College of London curriculum. The advantages of following the Trinity Curriculum are
1. Among the top 50 Universities in the world
2. Globally recognized Certification.
3. From Initial to Expert Level curriculum
4. After Grade 8, you automatically become a teacher

Trinity college of Music 

Established in 1877 Trinity College of Music is one of the oldest and the most recognized universities in the world offering a wide variety of certification courses in music as well as other art forms. They offer a wide variety of courses which help you to develop your knowledge from novice to advance level. If you already are a learned professional you can directly plan for certification at a certain level. The books and curriculum provided make sure that you understand the intricacies of your chided art form 
BPEC saw a gap in the music training industry and decided to launch its own training academy consisting of experienced and high qualified professionals. We pride ourselves on our 

Why choose BPEC

1. Certified professionals 
2. Recognized curriculum 
3. Flexible timings 
4. Group and individual classes