Welcome to the Business Professionals Education Centre (BPEC). It’s an honor and great pleasure to introduce the BPEC Academic Plan 2018-2020.

The BPEC Academic Plan 2018-2020 is a key milestone in the evolution of the institution towards equality in education. This plan acts as a blueprint for providing strategic clarity and direction regarding our core academic activities. The BPEC Academic Plan is developed in consideration of all our stakeholders, and signifies our concerted effort to address the drawbacks of the transactional approach to learning through our focus on Programmes, Partnerships, People, Place, Products, and Policies. These distinctive priorities are premised on the following key areas to BPEC’s evolution: portfolio development, learning environment, stakeholder engagement, and staff development. We strive to enhance student support excellence through responsive teaching and learning advancements, and broadening of the academic programs we offer.

The development of this plan took into consideration the multiplicity of our stakeholders and the requirements from the regulatory and awarding bodies. The implementation of this plan will demonstrate our commitment to strengthen students’ analytical, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. Based on the vision and mission of BPEC, the strategic goals and priorities covered in this plan forms the guiding principles for all our activities. Our strength lies mainly in our focus on academic success and the student experience. I am proud to be leading a team of passionate academics who are dedicated to cultivating exceptional learning experience, increase experiential learning opportunities, promote high-quality education, enhance student learning and wellbeing and engender a highly professional work culture.

If there are any ways that we can help support you, or if there are ideas you have for engaging with or enhancing our ongoing programmes, I invite you to reach out and get in touch with us. The foundation of a successful BPEC is the cooperation between learners, staff, parents and community. Here is to a period of transformative and excellence in supply chain education.

Dr. Justine Chinoperekweyi, Ph.D -Academic Director