Course Code Course Title Number of Days
FA01 Efficient Finance and Accounting Operations: 5
FA02 Cost Management & Budgeting Techniques 4
FA03 Cost Analysis to Support Strategic Decisions 4
FA05 Effective Budgeting, Cost Control and Working Capital 5
FA06 Analyzing Balance Sheets 4
FA07 Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting 4
FA08 Accounting & Financial Analysis for Decision Makers 4
FA09 Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management 4
FA10 Accounts Receivable – Planning, Organising and Achieving Best Practice 4
FA11 Managing the Cash Cycle: Accounts Receivable & Payable Best Practices 4
FA12 Application of VBA & Advanced Excel to Financial Modeling & Analysis 5
FA13 Advanced Accounting for Administrative and Support Staff 4
FA14 Accounting, Decision Making & Financial Communications 4
FA15 Understanding the “Financial Statements”For Non specialists 3
FA16 Treasury and Cash Management 3
FA17 The Effective Financial Controller: Managing Financial Functions & Improvement Opportunities 3
FA18 The Effective Accounts Assistant 3
FA19 The Complete course of Payroll Management & Administration 3
FA20 Managing Financial Risks 3
FA21 v 3
FA22 Managing & Organizing Accounts Payable 3
FA23 Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting 3
FA24 Financial Statement Preparation & Analysis 3
FA25 Financial Risk Management & Corporate Governance” 4
FA26 Financial Accounting: Planning, Analysis and Reporting 4
FA27 Advanced Payroll Concepts -The preparation Course for Certified Payroll Professional 5
FA28 Implementing Payroll Best Practices 4
FA29 Payroll System Selection and Implementation 4
FA30 Certificate in International Compliance: Provide Compliance Officers and managers with skills that can be immediate. 3
FA31 Certificate of Operational Risk Management 3
FA32 Financial Accounting and Reporting 3
FA33 Managing & Organizing Accounts Receivable 3
FA34 Strategic Planning, Budgeting & Cost Control 3
FA35 Salary Benchmarking :(New Grading and Pay structure) 3
FA36 Budgeting Preparation, Allocation, OPEX/CAPEX, Spreadsheets & Cost analysis 3
FA37 Advanced International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS 5
FA38 SME Market Understanding 4
FA39 Strategic Payroll Practices 5
FA40 Integrating Budgeting, Forecasting& Business Planning 5
FA41 Certified Budget Specialist (CBS ) 5
FA42 Financial Control & Management for the Oil & Gas Industry 3
FA43 Advanced Asset Management 5
FA44 Financial Planning, Asset Management & Evaluation 4
FA45 Advanced excel for accounting 5
FA46 Value Added Tax (VAT ) 3