Business Professionals Education Centre is committed to ensuring the establishment of a culture and environment in which learners; staff and visitors understand and embrace the principles and practices of equality and diversity.

BPEC seek to ensure that all individuals are able to maximise their potential and do not face any unfair barriers. As such, BPEC will not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour with respect to protected characteristics of Equity Law.

BPEC will continually develop strategies and procedures to tackle varying forms of discrimination, unfair treatment and barriers which may occur. It is the duty of all individuals and groups associated with BPEC to avoid discriminatory practices.

BPEC encourages those who wish to report instances of discrimination and provide a confidential process by which all discriminatory matters can be dealt with by means of the formal Complaints Procedures.

A designated BPEC Quality Assurance Manager shall be responsible for Equality and Diversity monitoring and the point of contact for those who may wish to discuss any discriminatory practice informally in the first instance. BPEC will communicate Equality and Diversity in a variety of forms to all staff, learners, potential applicants (staff and learners), contractors and collaborative partners. BPEC will take action against anyone who is in breach of the Equality and Diversity Policy.

Learners Access to Learning

BPEC will offer equity for access to all its courses and will encourage the recruitment of students from the widest possible audience both nationally and internationally. BPEC will also offer flexibility of access to the curriculum by enabling students to enrol for both units of programmes and full awards. This will be reinforced by:

• Marketing literature which is produced for all courses

• An admissions process which is sensitive and supportive to the needs of all students

• An enrolment process, which provides for assessment of learning support for those students who may have special needs.

Student progress and achievement will be monitored by the course review process to ensure that equality of opportunity has taken place. All students will be made aware of the Equality and Diversity Policy via the induction process and its inclusion in the Student Handbook.

All materials used for distance learning study and assessment will be subject to evaluation prior to issue to make sure that they do not contain anything which could be considered discriminatory or offensive to individual students or groups.