Business Professionals Education Center accepts applicants into credit bearing academic qualifications on an impartial and justifiable basis in accordance with requirements of partner awarding bodies. The principal aim of the BPEC Admissions Policy is to ensure admission to students of the highest intellectual potential, irrespective of social, racial, religious and financial considerations. No qualified candidate will be refused admission on the basis of gender, financial background or race.

The Admissions criteria are established to ensure applicants admitted have the necessary preparation in the terms of academic qualification and experience to excel in their program of study.

Business Professionals Education Center’s admission policy and procedure applies to all applications for all vocational and other credit bearing programs. BPEC will draw these to the attention of anyone offered a place of study in BPEC. This serves as a contract between the applicant and BPEC.


Business Professionals Education Center offers vocational programs from level 3 to level 5 qualifications and as per the standards of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and Qualification Framework of the Emirates (QFE). Candidates seeking admission to any of these programs shall be admitted as detailed below.


a) Basic School Certificate

b) Proof of English proficiency

c) Candidates who are 19 years and above with no basic school certificates can also apply.


a) High School diploma or a level three equivalent certificate

b) Proof of English proficiency

c) Candidates 19 years and above with professional working experience can also apply.


a) Higher national certificate or a level 4 equivalent qualification

b) Proof of English proficiency

c) Candidates 21 years and above with professional working experience can also apply

The academics department would recognize credits awarded by accredited institutions and give module exemptions to qualified candidates in their chosen courses as long as the credits are reckoned to be of an equivalent academic standard.


A candidate will be considered for admission after duly filling the Admission form and submitting all relevant documents as per the request of the Academic or Admissions team. Forms are to be submitted to the admission portal of BPEC, hand – delivered or via post.

With a transparent approach, all applications are assessed according to the admission requirements set for the program applied. Successful candidates are contacted within 72 hours and conditional/unconditional admission letters issued from the Registrar’s office with other relevant documents from the Administration department. The admission process should be completed within 72 hours from the application date.


BPEC treats all complaints and feedback seriously and gives a very fair and transparent judgment in all cases. Applicants who have complaints can download the complaints procedure form from the official website or request for it by mail.