BPEC offers vocational qualification that involves learning and assessment style that is different to traditional/general courses. Courses are assessed through assessor-marked assignments rather than end-of-module exams. Students must be aware of the volume of work that needs to be generated on an on-going basis to complete these assignments and the importance of getting that work handed in for assessment by the given deadline.

All assignments are given to learners at the start of the module. After completion of the tasks, learners have to submit the assignment via Learning Management System. Assessors are required to assess the assignments and prepare a constructive feedback to the learners. The feedback must be sufficient to give clear information on achievement and how to improve, following the marking and feedback policy.

Students who fail to hand in work by the agreed deadline will be required to provide evidence of extenuating circumstances, e.g. doctor’s certificate. Failure to do so may result in the student’s failure to meet all criteria required to pass the course. A non-submission penalty fee will be charged when the student fails to meet the deadlines.

It is the responsibility of Assessors to explain what constitutes plagiarism in their courses and the seriousness of the issue. Assessors should be on the lookout for plagiarism and run internet checks etc to guard against it. An acceptable similarity index of 20% should be communicated to all learners. Failure to meet the required standard may result for retaking the module/s.

In the event of a student wishing to make an appeal against an assessment decision, a consultation with the assessor must arrange within 3 days of the appeal. Decision will be made immediately to reassess the student’s assignment.