Course Code Course Title Number of Days
L01 Arabic For non native speakers 1 10
L02 Arabic For non native speakers 2 10
L04 Intermediate level English 10
L05 Advance level English 10
L06 TEOFL Preparation 5
L07 TEOFL Exam skills 5
L08 IELTS Preparation 5
L09 IELTS Exam skills 5
L10 Hebrew Language for Beginners 10
L11 Chaneese Language for Beginners 10
L12 English for Business 5
L13 Learn English Conversation 5
L14 Learn English Grammar 5
L15 English for Emails and Meetings 4
L16 English for Customer Care 4
L17 English for Marketing and Sales 4
IT01 A+ 5