Strategic Leadership and Management

Course Code Course Title Number of Days
L&S01 Leadership and Management Skills for the New Manager and Supervisor 4
L&S02 Time Management 3
L&S03 Assertiveness Skills & Dealing With Difficult Situations 3
L&S04 Business Process Analysis & Modelling Workshop 4
L&S05 Managing with Confidence 4
L&S06 Knowledge & Innovation Management 3
L&S07 Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking Training 4
L&S08 Certified Business Analysis Preparation (CBAP) 4
L&S09 The Management and Leadership Skills Necessary for Success 4
L&S10 Advanced Management – Achieving Superior Performance and Strategic Success Training 5
L&S11 Smart Leadership – Achieving Strategy through Leadership and Innovation Training 4
L&S12 Strategic Thinking & Business Planning: Who are Involved in influencing, formulation or supporting the long term 4
L&S13 Internal Consulting Skills At Work 3
L&S14 Emotional Intelligence 3
L&S15 Analytical Thinking 3
L&S16 Effective Supervision Techniques 3
L&S17 Effective Planning & Organizing 3
L&S18 Mastering People Management & Team Leadership 4
L&S19 RISKMANAGEMENT : Identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks (defined in ISO 310000). 3
L&S20 Effective Negotiation and Persuasion 3
L&S21 Standard Professional Leadership 4
L&S22 Strategic Planning Using the Balanced Scorecard: Turning Strategy into Reality 4
L&S23 Performance Management: Setting Objectives and KPI’s 4
L&S24 Mastering Strategic Decision Making 3
L&S25 Leading With Emotional Intelligence: The Psychology of Leadership 3
L&S26 Leadership, Vision and Organisational Reality 3
L&S27 Advanced Conflict Resolution & Change Management Strategies 4
L&S28 Advanced Corporate Legal Adviser Course 4
L&S29 Advanced Business Continuity Management & Scenario Planning 4
L&S30 Facility Management 3
L&S30 Facility Management 3
L&S31 Managing Employee Performance, Behaviour & Attitudes 4
L&S32 Essential Management Skills for the New Manager & Supervisor 3
L&S33 International Business Communication Skills 3
L&S34 Advanced Leadership & People Management Skills 3
L&S35 The Art of Leadership 3
L&S36 Coaching for Performance 3
L&S37 Advanced Supervisory Skills 3
L&S38 Advanced Management: Motivation, Strategic Planning and Creative Problem Solving 4
L&S39 Advanced Leadership Skills 4
L&S40 Planning – Organizing – Time and Stress Management Training workshop 3
L&S41 Effective Management Skills 4
L&S42 Leadership Skills for Supervisors 3
L&S42 Leadership Skills for Supervisors 3
L&S43 Communication and Presentation Skills 3
L&S44 Negotiation Skills: Clear understanding of the real purpose of the negotiation process 3
L&S45 Technical Report Writing (TRW) Skills 3
L&S46 Importance of Work Ethics 3
L&S47 Team Building Skills workshop 3
L&S48 Business Analysis, Decision Making & Developing a Strategy 3
L&S49 Coaching Skills for Performance Development 3
L&S50 Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills 3
L&S51 Transformational Leadership and Change Management 3
L&S52 Leadership & Strategic Thinking in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Industry 3
L&S53 Developing Research Strategy 3
L&S54 Communication, Coordination & Leadership Enhancing Leadership & Supervisory Skills 3
L&S55 Health and Safety in the Workplace 3
L&S56 Leadership and Communication 3
L&S57 Team Working Skills 3
L&S58 Certificate in Strategy Management , Strategic Planning& Organizing Skills 3
L&S59 Effective Communication Skills 3
L&S60 Reputation Management & Strategic Communications 3
L&S61 The Complete Course on Leadership Perceptions, Practices, People and Passion 3
L&S62 Project Risk Management 4