Course Code Course Title Number of Days
TD01 Design/Develop of Training Material 3
TD02 Learning & Development for the Oil & Gas Industry 4
TD03 Certified Training Officer (CTO) : Essential Skills for Effective Training 5
TD04 Certified Manpower Planner 4
TD05 Training Strategies and Preparation of Training Plans and Budget 5
TD06 Training Evaluation levels and Assessment 3
TD07 Transformational HR, Learning & Development 5
TD08 Preparing and Developing Training Specialist and Coordinators 4
TD09 Identifying Training Needs and Preparing a Development Plan 4
TD10 Essential Skills of Training Coordinators 4
TD11 Getting Results through Training 3
TD12 Professional Training Coordinator Workshop 3
TD13 Linking Training to Organizational Goals 3
TD14 Effective Training Techniques 4
TD15 Effective Training Features 4
TD16 Measuring & Maximising Training ROI 4
TD17 The Training Analyst 4