Course Code Course Title Number of Days
HR01 Building and Managing Employee Relation 3
HR02 Rewards Management: Compensation Packages and Salary Structures 3
HR03 Advanced Compensation and Benefits Management 4
HR04 Competency Based Frameworks 4
HR05 Engagement of emplyees and Organizational 3
HR06 Employee Engagement and Motivation 3
HR07 How to Write HR Policies and Procedures 5
HR08 Human Resources Performance Improvements 3
HR09 Job Analysis and Job Description Techniques 4
HR10 Organizational Change and Development 4
HR11 Recruitment Skills and Interviewing Techniques 4
HR12 Strategic Human Resources (HR) Management 5
HR13 Talent Management: Prepare yourself to the next career move 4
HR14 Consulting Skills for HR Professionals 4
HR15 Tendering Procedures and Bid Evaluation 4
HR16 Middle Management Skills 4
HR17 Advanced Management Skills 5
HR18 Effective Leadership 4
HR19 Coaching and counceling tools management 5
HR20 Coaching and counceling tools skills 4
HR21 strategic crises management 5
HR22 driving performance team 4
HR23 Performance development plans 5
HR24 Change Management skills 4
HR25 Organization Pkanning Skills 3
HR26 Problem Solving and decisions making 3
HR27 Analyzing Employees Performance 3
HR28 Comprehensive employee skills 3
HR29 Negotiatation and Conflict Management Skilss 3